​​Our Bengal cat breeding program

Paintedats is a small Bengal cat cattery located in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Our goal is to deliver you the healthiest Bengal cat with the best structure and the most beautiful large outlined rosettes.  Our breeding cats have all come from the finest Bengal breeding programs.  Bengal Health is our number one concern and we stand behind every Bengal kitten we place. Bengals are the best cat of all the cat breeds, and the best exotic shorthair cat.

We are convinced that once you have an experience with a Bengal cat you will be hooked. Bengals are smart and playful. Many Bengals are able to naturally fetch like a dog, and most also like water. Bengals can be trained. They can also outsmart you at times. Bengals are active, intelligent, and beautiful.  We have Bengal kittens for sale year round. We also occasionally have retired Bengal cats for sale. We take pride in our Painted Cats Bengal cats.

There are many different Bengals coat colors.  However, here at Painted Cats we concentrate on the brown rosetted/spotted Bengal.  If you are looking for a low Bengal cat price you will find it: but it is a fact that not all Bengals are the same. Bengal Cats that look like they came out of a magazine advertisement and are healthy, and tested from a reputable breeder have a slightly higher cost. 

Bengal health in this cattery is taken very seriously:

  • Our Bengal kittens are wormed for giardia and coccidia
  • Our Bengal Cats and kittens are Veterinarian checked and vaccinated.  
  • Our Bengal cats and Bengal Breeding cats are tested for FeLV 
  • Every Bengal cat is checked for PK deficiency and PRA
  • Every Bengal kitten is ISO microchipped 
  • All Bengal breeding cats are screened by HCM by a board certified cardiologist. 
  • All pet Bengal kittens are delivered with a contract to spay or neuter.
  • All Bengal cats and kittens are free of the Herpes Virus
  • Our Bengal kittens go home at 11-12 weeks

Here at Paintedcats we have a USFW permit. Our Bengal Cats can be found in some of the best breeding programs.

Once you have a Bengal you will learn it is the best of the cat breeds. Some people have Inadvertently called them Bengals or Bengali. Bengals take their name from the Asian Leopard Cat Prionailurus Bengalensis.

Bengals seem to be natural retrievers.

Here is a video of our First Bengal stud Jordan fetching

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Healthy Bengal Cats for Sale

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