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Boyds Bengals Breaking Bad

Kanpur Red Bull
Boyds Bengals Trail Breaker

Dam Wildcatsstars La Baiser du Dragon

Boyds Bengals Breaking Bad

Painted Cats - Bengal Studs

Sire Kanpur Red Bull

Wildcatsstars August Moon (right)

Boyds Bengals Hearts Desire

Dam Wildcatsstars La Baiser du Dragon

Pedigree                                                             Downloadable 5 gen pedigree

Boyds Bengals Trail Breaker (Desi)

Desi boy is a gorgeous boy with a buttery background and beautiful rosettes.. He has beautiful gold eyes.

Color test Carries A/a Melansitic and C/cs Snow/lynx

PK Deficiency NN by parentage

Bengal PRA NN by parentage

HCM both parents were screened. Desi will be screened as he matures.

Wilcatsstars August Moon (Augie) Born 

Augie is a loving boy, he follows me like a puppy dog.  He has huge outlines rosettes and we hope he will create clouded bengals here. 

Color test

​PK Deficiency NN

​Bengal PRA NN

​Pure for spotting

HCM Screening pending

Wildcatsstars August Moon (right)
Boyds Bengals Hearts Desire
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