Dazzledots Gold Standard

Kanpur New Horizons (NEO)

We would like to thank Diana and Carl Smith for this wonderful Bengal cat.  We received NEO as a Bengal kitten. We have wanted a Bengal cat from Diana's wonderful program for some time... but so does everyone else. So we waited until Diana had a Bengal kitten for sale. We were instantly attracted to this boy as a kitten. NEO has an amazing personality to match his beauty. Neo's ears are set well, his profile and chin are wonderful, and his rosettes are the warm tone we desire.  NEO has now produced many beautiful Bengal Kittens here. One thing all of NEO's kittens have in common: they are all friendly.

PK Deficiency Normal
Bengal PRA Carrier
NEO's carries no Recessives
NEO is Pure for Spotting

HCM Normal 12/2016

Photos by Helmi Flick

Dam Painted Cats Eye Candy

Skies parents

Painted Cats Eye Candy
Bengalivo Without Words

Sire Dazzledots Gold Standard

​ PaintedCats

Kanpur New Horizons walking Left
Painted Cats clear Skies walking Left
Kanpur New Horizons walking Right

NEO's Parents

Sire Bengalivo Without Words

Dam Praslins Pure Gold

Painted Cats - Bengal Studs

Praslins Pure Gold

Painted Cats Clear Skies

Skies is pure for spotting and he is an Apb carrier. Skies has a silky smooth short coat and a great profile. We named him Clear Skies because of his ultra clear coat.  Skies has been here since he was a Bengal kitten and he is pictured at one year.  Skies as a 15 pound teddy bear

PK Deficiency Normal by parentage

PRA Normal by Parentage

Apb carrier by color test

HCM Normal 12/2016 

Photo by Jill Smith