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Beautiful young Bengal cat available.

Painted Cats Elektra Red      4 years old
Elektra is an amazing Bengal with great type and structure. We love everything about her. Elektra's parents are both championship Bengal cats. Her sire is TICA  Double Grand Champion Carpe Diem and her dam is TICA Champion Cover Girl. Elektra is a young beautiful Bengal. She has a lovely silky smooth coat, and beautiful deep red pancake rosettes.  She eats raw and canned food. She is playful and she was spayed on 9/25/19. She was also given a rabies shot, You can see all of her other testing results on the "Girls" page.

She was born July 01, 2015                           Price $900

Vanilla Latte is a retired brown rosetted female from BoydsBengals in Savannah, GA. She is three and half years old, is very sweet and affectionate. Please contact for additional information.  

Paintedcats Elektra Red

When you choose an adult Bengal cat from Painted Cats you are sure to get a very well tested and documented cat. Our adults are all tested for every health concern: in addition they are screened by a board certified cardiologist. Kittens are too young for this cardiologist screening.

With very few exceptions the retired breeding cats here are very friendly and have very good habits. In most cases they are used to living with other cats. We also retire our breeding cats at a very young age. In most cases our Bengal cats are retired at between 2 and 3 years old. Most of these Bengal cats were born here and raised with the best of care from the time they were just a small Bengal kitten.

We are choosy about where these retired Bengal cats go when they are finished breeding because we have lived with them and loved them. However we love nothing more than to see these young beautiful Bengal cats making other people happy. We require lots of pictures after you adopt our bengals. This is a must! 

Available Adults - Retired Bengal Breeding Cats

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