We are a proud Wisconsin Bengal breeder. We have Bengal kittens for sale as show cats, breeder cats or pets. We sell Bengal kittens all over in Wisconsin: Madison, Appleton, Kenosha, Racine. We also sell Bengals in the midwest and surrounding states including Chicago Illinois. In addition we ship Bengal kittens anywhere in the U.S. Canada and worldwide. If you want the most beautiful Bengal cat, like the ones you see in magazines; you will find them here. We breed cutting edge Bengals. To learn the Bengal cat price please contact us.

To get on our wait list for pet, breeder or show kittens, you may submit a $300 deposit for pet or a $600 deposit for breeder/show. I accept PayPal and you may use the appropriate link at the bottom of this page.  
*All kittens are held with paid deposits.          

We have kittens year round. Our typical pet Bengal cat price is $1900 -2500. Your kitten will come very well socialized with age appropriate shots, wormed, and with a microchip. Kittens are sold with a contract requiring you to spay or neuter the kitten. Breeding cats are priced between $3300-4000. Shipping in the United States is an additional $375.


When you adopt a Bengal you will learn why Bengals are the best of the cat breeds. We also have tested, healthy Bengal cats for sale on our Available adults page. 

​Cattery Visits.  Our cattery is in our home: cattery visits are by appointment only. We allow visits by clients who pay a home visit deposit ($100 deposit) or clients who have paid a kitten deposit ($300 deposit).  The deposits are not refundable. The deposit must be paid prior to the visit.  Both of these payments will be applied toward the final price of the kitten. 

We sign contracts for all of our kittens. In some cases the contract is sent with the kitten. You must sign the contract and return it to us in the first week or you will not have any guarantees on the kitten. 

Fashion Bengals Armani Prive

Congratulations on your decision to add a Bengal to your life. Deposits can be made through the appropriate link below. Your deposit serves as a placeholder for you to pick a Bengal. For that reason there are no refunds on your deposit.

We can always hold your deposit for a future kitten if your circumstances have changed. 

 Breeder Deposit $600

Home Visit Fee $100  

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Kittens were born today. Skyfall had a  large litter and she is doing great. The kittens are gorgeous and they are doing very well. Skyfall gave birth to 5 boys and 3 girls.

Click here to see a pedigree of the kittens

Fashion Bengals Armani Prive

Fashion Bengals Armani Prive x Painted Cats Eye Candy

On September 7 Ginger gave birth to five beautiful rosetted kittens. Several of the kittens appear clouded. All kittens in the litter are pure for spotting

Click here to see the pedigree of the kittens

Painted Cats Skyfall Litter

Kate is available pet price $2200 Breeder Price $3500

Fashion Bengals Armani Prive x Painted Cats Eye Candy 9/7/18

Painted Cats Tesla

Paris is available pet price $2100 Breeder Price $3300

Fashion Bengals Armani Prive x Painted Cats Elektra Red December 1 

Available Bengal Kittens  - Healthy Bengal Kittens for sale

Fashion Bengals Armani Prive

Skyfall with her kittens just after delivery on November 26, 2018

Fashion Bengals Armani Prive  x Painted Cats Elektra Red 

This will is a first time pairing of these two. Elektra gave birth to 2 boys and 1 girl on december 1st..

Click here to see the pedigree of the kittens 

Tesla is available pet price $2300 Breeder Price $3300

Painted Cats Skyfall

Pet Deposit $300

Paintedcats Kate
Paintedcats Paris

Fashion Bengals Armani Prive x Painted Cats Skyfall kittens born Nov 26

Painted Cats Elektra Red Right
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Painted Cats Ginger

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