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Sire: ______________________________________ 

Dam: _____________________________________

Date of Birth Color: ____________________________________

Litter Registration No.: _________________________________

1. Buyer agrees to take good care of this cat so as to provide food, shelter, suitably healthy and stimulating environment, correct routine and accident related medical attention, exercise and affection. It is agreed that this cat will not be allowed outside without supervision.

2. This animal is a purebred Bengal Cat and the 4 generation pedigree provided is correct for same. Novice buyers will be mentored to ensure proper procedure is followed in the breeding of said cat, for it’s protection and the integrity of the Bengal Breed.

3. Said kitten or cat is guaranteed to be free from congenital defects, HCM and genetic disease for a period of one year from date of sale. Cat is guaranteed to be of acceptable temperament, although buyer is responsible to ensure adequate socialization. If the cat is to be returned to breeder, all shipping related expenses will be covered by the returnee. A portion of the original purchase price will also be retained for current FELV and FIV blood work.

In the event that this cat is found to have a congenital defect/disease and it is substantiated with proof by a licensed veterinarian and verified with breeders own veterinarian:

The kitten can be returned to breeder for a replacement of equal quality, or
The kitten can be kept by the owner, and upon proof of spaying, a refund of 50% of the purchase price will be credited towards another kitten of same quality,
No refund or replacement will be given for any cat that has been bred or produced a litter (purebred or otherwise). If there is a question of whether the cat has been used for breeding, the buyer agrees to grant breeder full access to all veterinary records.
Tail faults / Lockets are not guaranteed. Tail faults or lockets are highly unlikely to occur but if a kitten develops one it is not congenital and it will not be guaranteed.

4. It is agreed that no kittens from said cat will be sold to animal brokers, pet shops or their agents. All kittens will be sold with registration papers, health guarantee and cannot be sold in "litter-lots". The cat is never to be bred to an unregistered or mixed breed cat. If such a breeding takes place, the cat and all kittens will be surrendered to breeder.

5. Cat cannot be sold, Co Owned or leased to a third party at any time. Should it become necessary to part with this cat, buyer agrees to give breeder first opportunity to repurchase at the original price less 20%.  No adult breeding cats will be placed or sold as breeders, but will be altered beforehand by buyer, once the buyer is finished with said cat in their breeding program. This cat may not be used as a stud for cats, which are not owned by the original purchaser. This cat must reside only at the cattery, which has purchased this cat: it is not to be shipped or sent to any other cattery for any reason.

6. SBT generation cats are guaranteed to be fertile as adults, given sufficient time and opportunity. Should there be any question as to the fertility of said cat, breeder has the right to have full written explanation by a licensed Veterinarian. If the cat is infertile the buyer must alter existing cat and place it in a suitable loving pet home, and a replacement kitten will be offered as available by the breeder.

7.  The seller is not responsible for pyometra in a female cat

8. This cat has been determined by the breeder to possess qualities or pedigree beyond the definition of Pet. The said kitten has been deemed to be of either breeder or show/breed quality. Seller agrees to provide a Bengal kitten of breeder and/or show/breeder quality. No guarantee is given regarding championship recognition of the said kitten.

9. The purchase price of said cat is __________ with full titles and breeding rights. Full titles and ownership of cat will be transferred to buyer within one month of purchase.

10. All Breeding cats sold by Painted Cats must be fixed when breeder is no longer using them as a breeder. No trading, No selling, No visiting other catteries, No outside breeding, No exception unless approved by Painted Cats.

11. This cat/kitten will be identified by its full registered name on websites and/or advertising at all times.

12. Buyer agrees to isolate this cat from other pets for a period of fourteen days. Feeding according to the breeder's recommendations.

13. Any disagreements resulting from the purchase of this cat will not be published by buyer, seller or their associates on social media or on any internet sites. Damages for violation of this clause will be $5000 

14. No breeding cats (from this cat) may be sold back to the state of Wisconsin.

Any disagreements pertaining to this contract which require litigation will take place in Milwaukee County in the state of Wisconsin.  Signing indicates agreement to all points indicated above. Breach of contract will result in cancellation, and in turn repossession of the cat by the breeder without compensation.






Seller Painted Cats


Bengal Breeding Contract

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