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Kitten birthing room

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Kitten play room (cat trees not pictured)

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Bengal Cattery Housing for the Bengal Cats

The Stud house

The unaltered male Bengal will spray.  Therefore our male cats have their own houses.  The houses are heated, and the dimensions are 5' wide X 12' long X 7' high.  There have been shelves built so that the males can jump around. Males also get daytime visits from our females.  in addition the yard is completely fenced so the males can have supervised play time.   There are two outdoor runs for the male cats.  In the basement there is a large finished play room for kittens. 

Housing females: Queens live in my house with me. Whenever I get a new cat, the cat is separated and quarantined for 14-30 days. The new cat is also preventatively wormed.

Painted Cats Cattery Birthing room

The kittens are born in a small clean 10x6 area, they stay there with their mother for two weeks, at three weeks pictures are taken  and the kittens are moved out of their birthing box and into an open area. It is then that we begin handling them. At four weeks the kittens are walking and exploring. We begin to offer the kittens solid food at this point, and we simultaneously begin worming. Kittens begin to use the litter box. And then at 7 weeks kittens go to the veterinarian and they get their first shot and health check. At about ten weeks old our kittens get neutered and spayed. At 12 weeks they are ready to go home.