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Painted Cats Bengal Bengals for sale kittens worldwide Chicago Wisconsin midwest Illinois  

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Painted Cats Bengal Bengals For Sale Kittens Worldwide Chicago Wisconsin Midwest Illinois Healthy Tested Breeder, show and pet

Contact us any time. Feel free to call on the telephone, text, private message or email.  If you send an email and just ask "how much" I will not give your email much attention. If you are just price shopping for the lowest price, you will always find the a lower price. I compare it to buying a car. You can buy a chevy with no warranty or a Ferrari with a long warranty. One will look like a Ferrari and one will look like a chevy  There are times when we have no kittens or cats available. We have a page of Bengal breeders who are friends of Painted cats. We cannot always vouch for the health of the cats in the catteries which we do not control, so please also ask the breeders on this list lots of questions. We want you to have the best possible experience with your Bengal. We want your Bengal to live a long life and bring you joy.   

It can be fun to search the internet for the perfect Bengal. We call this Bengal fever. I endlessly search for bengals as well. So the above is a list of breeders who have cats that may look similar to my cats. When it comes to health, realize that the Bengals are not all healthy. Also many breeders do not have a handle on the health of their cats because they do no testing.  

So have fun. And ask questions. But never start off by asking a breeder, "how much?" If you are price shopping you can always find cheaper Bengal. Your goal should be to get the best looking, healthiest Bengal, not the cheapest. Bengals are not some object which is easily reproduced. Bengals are all different and the prices reflect that. If you have trouble in your search you can always ask other breeders to give you an opinion.   

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