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Bengal Contracts  Bengal Breeder Contract & Pet Contract

Bengals are a valuable and beautiful exotic shorthair cat breed. You will almost never see a Bengal roaming free outdoors. There are many reasons why a person should not let a Bengal roam free outdoors.

  1. Bengals are so beautiful: someone may take your cat. 
  2. Bengal Cats can be killed by a car, or a dog, coyote, or a cat or a person or a hawk etc.
  3. Bengals can also get diseases or illness- FeLV, plague, virus
  4. Bengals can get injured-fighting, climbing or falling
  5. Bengals can get into poisons - perhaps mice or rats that have been poisoned.
  6. Bengals can get parasites both internal and external​

The Bengal is the smartest most beautiful active cat that you will ever have.  You will likely never be satisfied with a normal cat after you have a Bengal. Please treasure the Bengal, and treat him/her well.

You will find that all reputable Bengal breeders will make you sign a contract specifying how you will treat the Bengal. All pet bengals from this cattery will be neutered or spayed prior to delivery. 

Here at Painted Cats we place many Bengals as breeders in the best breeding programs. We love the breeders who honor our contracts and who treat our Bengals well. We feel it is our duty to sell Bengals to breeders in order to serve the Bengal breed. We try to be selective about the placement of our Bengals. each Bengal that is raised at Painted Cats has been loved and cared for.

We try to breed according to the highest standards of good animal husbandry and we spare no expense when it comes to the health of the Bengal cats

We have also set up a new web site to consolidate Bengal Kitten sales.