​ PaintedCats

Painted Cats Red Star

Pedigree​                                    Downloadable 5 Gen Pedigree

​​Painted Cats Red Star

We love this girl. Star is an example of a typey cat with large rosettes. Her coat is exceptional and her structure is amazing. ​Her dam is a TICA champion.

Red Star has been shown twice at CFA shows: once in Waukesha Wisconsin and once in Atlanta Georgia. 

Photo by Helmi Flick

Sire DGC Exotique Bengals Carpe Diem

​​​Painted Cats Wicket Wystri Warrick

Wicket is a sweet girl with a sturdy body and great coloring. Her head type is amazing. Professional photos will come soon. 

PK Def Normal 

PRA Normal  

Sire Kanpur New Horizons

Sire GRC Gogees Blackbeard

Painted Cats - Bengal Cat Queens

Dam CH Cazpurr Cover Girl

Pedigree                                                           Downloadable 5 gen Pedigree

Cazpurr Cover Girl

Painted Cats Eye Candy

Candy is both friendly and beautiful. Candy is a very large Bengal Cat. She is as big or bigger than most male Bengal cats. She is a gorgeous brown rosetted girl. Candy was born here and we watched her grow from a small Bengal kitten into a beautiful Bengal Cat.

PK Deficiency Normal by Parentage
Bengal PRA Normal by Parentage  
Color Test not necessary - Parents carry no recessive colors
Candy is Pure for Spotting

HCM Normal 12/2016

Photos by Helmi Flick

Dam Painted Cats Menina Simpático

Drinkwater Amazing Grace

Painted Cats Elektra Red Right
Painted Cats Wicket
Risnsun Fly Me To The Moon Side

Dam CH Cazpurr Cover Girl

Sire Risinsun Fly Me to the Moon

Painted Cats Elektra Red

Elektra is an amazing Bengal with great type and structure. We love everything about her. Elektra's parents are both championship Bengal cats. Her sire is TICA  Double Grand Champion Carpe Diem and her dam is TICA Champion Cover Girl. Elektra has been here from birth and we watched her grow from a beautiful Bengal kitten into a great Bengal cat.

PK deficiency Normal by Parentage    
Bengal PRA Test Normal by parentage    
Color Test  - Elektra carries blue

HCM Normal 12/2016

Photos by Helmi Flick

Kanpur New Horizons walking Right