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There are times when we have no kittens or cats available. These Bengal breeders are friends of Painted cats. We cannot always vouch for the health of the cats in the catteries which we do not control, so please also ask the breeders on this list lots of questions. We want you to have the best possible experience with your Bengal. We want your Bengal to live a long life and bring you joy.   

It can be fun to search the internet for the perfect Bengal. We call this Bengal fever. I endlessly search for bengals as well. So the above is a list of breeders who have cats that may look similar to my cats. When it comes to health, realize that the Bengals are not all healthy. Also many breeders do not have a handle on the health of their cats because they do no testing.  

So have fun. And ask questions. But never start off by asking a breeder, "how much?" If you are price shopping you can always find cheaper Bengal. Your goal should be to get the best looking, healthiest Bengal, not the cheapest. Bengals are not some object which is easily reproduced. Bengals are all different and the prices reflect that. If you have trouble in your search you can always ask other breeders to give you an opinion.   

I have loved each and every one of these cats. They are the best of the best, and very well tested. I hope that they have found love and a life of love and happiness

Drinkwater Amazing Grace

Dazzledots Gold Standard Pedigree

Reference Bengal Cats- Bengal Cat, Our Retirees...

Cazpurr Cover Girl

Prismatic Gypsy Rose  Pedigree

Dazzledots Gold Standard

Ch Cazpurr Cover Girl - Spayed 04/10/2017 Retired

CH Cover Girl (Tasha) is the most beautiful Bengal cat that we have. She has a short tight coat, and tri-colored pancake rosettes on a exquisite clear background.  Tasha has a thick tail and a beautiful head.  Her Bengal kittens are fantastic in every way. Many of Tasha's kittens are now in great Bengal breeding programs. Tasha competed in Portage Indiana and earned her championship in her one and only adult show.  

HCM Normal January 14, 2013 Shianne Koplitz DVM PhD
HCM Normal September 11, 2014 Shianne Koplitz DVM Phd

PK Deficiency Normal by Parentage       
Color Coat no recessive colors
Bengal PRA Normal

Prismatic Gypsy Rose

Painted Cats Menina Simpático Pedigree

Painted Cats Fight for Flash
Gogees Blackbeard

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Drinkwater Amazing Grace Pedigree 

Kanpur New Horizons walking Left

Prismatic Bengals Gypsy Rose - Gypsy was spayed April 10 - retired

Gypsy is a special little girl who came to us from Georgia. She is a talker and it is hard to capture her picture without her mouth open.  We want to thank Jordan McCullough from Prismatic Bengals for sending us this darling.  

PK Deficiency Normal

PRA Normal

Apb by color test

HCM Normal 12/2016

Photos by Helmi Flick


Risnsun Fly Me To The Moon

Many thanks to Becky and Steve Beckman for a wonderful Bengal cat. Moon is healthy and beautiful. Moon also has a very strong profile and nice medium sized rounded ears. Moon has a great combination of type and flash. We are thrilled with this beautiful boy. He purrs and chirps. We are so excited about moving our program forward with the help of this boy!  After all, combining type and flash is the main goal of our program. Moon has made very beautiful Bengal kittens for us.

PK Deficiency Normal
Bengal PRA Normal 
Moon's Color Coat D/d carries blue
Moon is Pure for Spotting

CH ​Cazpurr Cover Girl Pedigree

Painted Cats Fight For Flash is now in a pet home 

Painted Cats Wicket
Painted Cats Vanity Fair

DGC Exotique Bengals Carpe Diem Pedigree

Wildnsweet Silver Lining Pedigree

Kanpur New Horizons Pedigree

Destiny Bengals All That Glitters Pedigree

Exotique Bengals Carpe Diem

GRC Gogees Blackbeard Pedigree

Painted Cats Vanity Fair Pedigree

Painted Cats Eye Candy Pedigree

Risinsun Fly Me To The Moon Pedigree

Destiny Bengals All That Glitters
Risnsun Fly Me To The Moon Side
Painted Cats Eye Candy

Painted Cats Inc Pedigree